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Here are all my links. There are links to bike manufacturers too.

Chriss' site

dirtjumpnet.gif ultimate bmx community

Geoff's BMX/Freestyleland

A cool trick page- loads of explainable flatland tricks

ADD YOUR BMX SITE-If you have a BMX website and would like to exchange links let me know with a e-mail, and I will be glad to add it to the list.Let's boost traffic to support our sport!

Bike Manufacturer links

Pacific Cycles

Mongoose bikes

Haro bikes

Schwinn Bikes


Dyno Bikes

Hoffman Bikes

Mutiny Bikes

Trek bikes

DK Bikes

Free Agent BMX

Gary Fisher Bikes

Mosh Bikes

Redline Bikes

Specialized Bikes

S & M Bikes

Nirve BMX

Kona BMX

Cheeta cycles

Dingo BMX

Dirtmaster Bikes

Eastern Bikes

Hyper Bicycles

2 hip Bicycles

Iron Horse BMX

KHE Bikes

Monty Bikes


Kink BMX

K2 bikes

Royce Union bikes

Morales Bikes

Powerlite BMX bikes

Bulldog bikes

Volume Bikes

Pro Concept frames

Torker Bikes

BMX Magazine Makers

BMX PLUS! magazine

BMXAction Magazine

PRO BMX'ers sites

Todd Walkowiak- his official site

Dennis Mccoy

Simon Tabron

John Parker

Dave Mirra

Need a bike? Need parts? Here are the sites to go to.

Dans Comp-everything you need from buying a bike to buying parts for your bike

Trend Bike Source

American Cycle Express

Vert & Ramp plans-want to buy ramps,etc.Click here

Snafu BMX

Odyssey BMX

XS BMX- Twenty Inch Products

Answer BMX products- hardware, accesories, apparel and more includes rider profiles,links,products and more

Voxom BMX